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#10665: unable to connect to mythtv from other PCs
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Comment (by wagnerrp):

 I understand your problem.  You are running a single combined frontend and
 master backend.  With no remote frontends, you left the default IP
 configuration of  Since that value is set, the various servers
 in the frontend obediently follow it, and only listen on,
 meaning MyMote cannot connect externally.

 If you want to access your control socket from the network, set an
 accessible IP in mythtv-setup, or make that value blank so the frontend
 auto-selects appropriate addresses to listen on (which would of course
 break the backend which requires that setting).  If for whatever reason
 you want to keep the backend listening only on, but still want
 your frontend to listen on a network accessible address, you need to run
 them using different configuration profiles, by manually specifying a
 profile to use with the "LocalHostName" option in your

 If the above is not an accurate assessment, feel free to re-open this
 ticket and provide logs from startup of your frontend.

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