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Tue Apr 24 16:44:05 UTC 2012

#10493: Mythbackend 0.25 keeps tuners/recordings going after quit
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     Type:  Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock  |         Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                       |      Milestone:  0.26
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Comment (by chemobejk@…):

 The one real reason for me to upgrade to 0.25 turns out to be a bust :-(

 As it doesn't work at all I decided to try a backport. By looking at the
 devel/rtp branch I determined that between those commits are the real
 changes in that branch:
 # devel/rtp branch-off from master
 $ git log -n1 --oneline b758ea8
 b758ea8 Alter the watched flag fix slightly ....
 # devel/rtp last real change
 $ git log -n1 --oneline 164b130
 164b130 Whitespace fixes.

 From that information I derived the differences between 0.25 and devel-rtp
 $ git log --reverse --oneline v0.25..164b130 | fgrep -v "Merge branch" |
 tee cherry-pick-list.txt
 715c18c Remove old iptv recorder and replace with stubs for new iptv
 recorder without the Live555 baggage.
 02768bd Add IPTVStreamHandler.
 5eeee9c Adds RTPDataPacket/RTPFECPacket/RTPTSPacket stubs.
 e124592 Rework IPTV MPEGStreamData handling a bit so that it can work for
 the signal monitor too.
 1e7606d Fixes a few RTP bugs preventing data from getting to the
 MPEGStreamData::ProcessData() function.
 cfe2a50 Formatting fixes.
 3b3b172 Adds Raw UDP streaming support.
 64008d6 Increase the RCVBUF size for RTP/UDP sockets and set the broadcast
 flags so we can see broadcast streams.
 ca36ff0 Set some sane settings for UDP sockets in IPTVStreamHandler.
 f3e37ed Add IPTV Channel URLs to DB.
 ed6ebe1 Change SignalMonitor shutdown so it works for IPTVSignalMonitor
 473c4ec Call Close() in IPTVRecorder dtor.
 527c910 Set up IPTVStreamHandler only when we have a StreamData.
 f160c64 Fix two transposition typos in FEC type parsing.
 c2d535f Fix out-of-order RTP packet delivery.
 1e97a18 Print warning when there is a break in the rtp sequence numbers.
 fc54265 Implement RTPTSDataPacket::GetTSOffset()
 42a9e13 added rtsp files
 002ef26 rtsp streaming on iptv
 8dd9532 parse logic for SETUP url fixed for rtsp streaming
 3dbe393 RTP streaming bug fixed for FPE
 164b130 Whitespace fixes.

 Now I created a new branch of fixes/0.25 and cherry-picked the above list
 of 22 commits on top of that:
 $ git branch --no-track fixes/0.25+rtp origin/fixes/0.25
 $ git checkout fixes/0.25+rtp
 $ git cherry-pick -x $(cut <cherry-pick-list.txt -d' ' -f1)

 As it turned out only two of the commits required minor conflict
 resolving. I also noticed that master had already a DB schema update done
 in 0fcf963, so I backported that one too, so that the DB schema update of
 fixes/0.25+rtp will end up at the same version 1301.

 Then I replaced mythtv-0.25-fixes.patch in the SRPM with the full patch
 from fixes/0.25+rtp, fired off the build and crossed my fingers. The
 compilation went through fine. I replaced my old installation, fired up
 mythtv-setup to create a new IPTV recorder. After starting mythbackend I
 was able to watch IPTV and the backend no longer gets stuck at the end of
 the recording. Looks promising...

 I'll have to see how multiple IPTV recordings will work out with the new
 code. That was the one thing that really didn't work reliably in 0.24.

 If there is interest I could push the fixes/0.25+rtp branch to a public

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