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#10612: Live TV crash
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Comment (by Adam Bennetts <abennetts@…>):

 Replying to [comment:1 J.Pilk@…]:
 > Where is it supposed to get the data from?  It hasn't been transmitted

 Of course. I think the front end should drop time stretch back to 100 and
 continue. This is what 0.24 did for me. I'm pretty sure 0.24 also did this
 if you had paused live TV and then caught up using time stretch - time
 stretch was reduced to 100 once there was no more data. 0.25 playback
 stutters as it waits for more data and then speeds up and then stutters
 etc (although possibly a different bug and I haven't tested it much, it
 may be related).

 Possibly I should configure my playback groups differently and not set
 time stretch to > 100 in the Default play back group (I use default for
 everything, rightly or wrongly). But even then I don't think (mis)
 configuring time stretch should be able to crash the front end.


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