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Thu Apr 12 16:33:00 UTC 2012

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The annotated tag, v0.24.3 has been updated
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      from  4b7e39e5891f0eee4728bba7f4a12bcc72e3e5c2 (which is now obsolete)
   tagging  4b7e39e5891f0eee4728bba7f4a12bcc72e3e5c2 (commit)
  replaces  v0.24.2
 tagged by  Gavin Hurlbut
        on  Thu Apr 12 09:32:21 2012 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Create v0.24.3 annotated tag

Daniel Thor Kristjansson (1):
      Fixes segfault on mythfrontend exit & related problems.

David Engel (1):
      Fix "Clear Override" to not create invalid rules.

Gary Buhrmaster (1):
      Fix a clang-related compile issue

Jean-Yves Avenard (3):
      Fix issue that could occur when playing mono content upmixed to stereo.
      Fix mono audio playback.
      Do not attempt to play audio with more than 8 channels if not supported natively.

Jim Stichnoth (1):
      Fixes #10534.  Reenable the DB settings cache after the schema check.

Kevon (1):
      Make mythtv more compatible with GCC 4.7

Lawrence Rust (1):
      mythtranscode: Avoid a floating point exception

Mark Kendall (1):
      CEA-708: Fix delayed presentation of some captions.

Michael T. Dean (3):
      Remove limit from 1256 DB update.
      Fix some DB locking issues on MySQL 5.5
      Fix DB locking issue on MySQL 5.5

Raymond Wagner (2):
      Correct 32-bit false positive autoexpiration when free space is >2TB.
      Correct issue passing python library name for dependency checking.

Richard Shaw (1):
      Make mythtv compile better with GCC 4.7

Stuart Auchterlonie (2):
      Fix a compiler warning
      Add a couple more FreeSat transports to the EIT fixup list. This helps keep Freeview and FreeSat guide data consistent

Stuart Morgan (14):
      Fix Playbackbox update issue. A failed date conversion meant that ADD events were being ignored and therefore subsquent UPDATE events were also ignored so that the only data in the program cache was stale when a ui reload was done on exiting playback.
      Fix default selected value for the menu theme setting
      Terra: Include season/episode and watched info in the video gallery/browse views
      Fix videos not being marked as watched. We had some code to handle in-progress recordings where we didn't have the total number of frames, this used the start/end time of the recording which can't be trusted for video because they are based on the length from downloaded metadata e.g. An episode of Frasier might only be 22 minutes long without adverts but according to the metadata it's 30 minutes. We now trust the totalFrames to be accurate for anything which isn't an in-progress recording.
      Alter the watched flag fix slightly to take into account the need to ignore post-roll for recordings, something I forgot before.
      Fix reccount value for the Default group
      Add basic dead key support to mythuitextedit. Implemented from scratch because I couldn't see a way of getting QT to handle it. To start with the following characters are supported, but if patches are provided I will add more - áâàãäå éêèë ç íîìï ñ óôòõö úûùü ýÿ . Fixes #8304 (cherry picked from commit d84d5c98d414ce889d47b5114240c28061f85c62)
      Fix 0.24 build after backporting dead key support. The log macros were renamed in 0.25, they aren't really needed in 0.24 so just remove them.
      Increase kMaxUIWaitTime to 10 seconds. The theory is that this timeout was to prevent a very delayed response to an availability check causing playlists to resume playing long after the user had moved on. The present timeout was very short though and didn't account for delays caused by disks needing to be spun up or just the latency of checking multiple storage groups for a file. Almost certainly fixes #8316
      Use MythDownloadManger for downloading icons in mythfilldatabase. HttpComms doesn't support SSL. Backported from 177fdbb5
      Fix RTP IPTV with multiple IPTV interfaces. 1ed419ad applied a fix for udp IPTV where more than one interface was available, it didn't apply the fix for rtp which uses the same socket code. Fixes #8767, Refs #3873
      Don't increment the number of channels returned by libdvdnav. This was causing 5.1 audio to be wrongly identified as 7 channel, and stereo as 3 channel.
      Revert part of [08dffd40a], I didn't mean to include this.
      Bump VERSION to 0.24.3

Taylor Ralph (2):
      avformatdecoder: improve fps detection in normalized_fps()
      AvFormatDecoder: add FORCE_DTS_TIMESTAMPS environment variable



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