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Thu Apr 12 10:53:23 UTC 2012

#10584: mpeg2 seektable generators are inconsistent
 Reporter:  J.Pilk@…  |           Type:  Bug Report - General
   Status:  new       |       Priority:  minor
Milestone:  unknown   |      Component:  MythTV - General
  Version:  0.25      |       Severity:  medium
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 mythtv-0.25-283_v0.25_rc_156_g02216ca.el6.rpm fromATrpms

 Seektables generated during recording, or by mythcommflag --rebuild, or by
 mythtranscode  --mpeg2 --buildindex, are not the same.  I demonstrated
 this by making MythArchives of a short recording 'raw' and after running
 each command, and examining the .xml files created.  The mythcommflag
 version does not include a mark=0 entry and the offsets (byte positions)
 from both commflag and transcode are then consistently 188 bytes greater
 than the 'raw' value.  Maybe a within-packet offset got counted twice?

 This was a recording from dvb-t.  I'll check to see if HD dvb-t2
 recordings show a similar raw/mythcommflag discrepancy.

 raw        <recordedseek>
         <mark offset="188" type="9" mark="0"/>
         <mark offset="461164" type="9" mark="30"/>

 mythcommflag      <recordedseek>
         <mark offset="461352" type="9" mark="30"/>
         <mark offset="812724" type="9" mark="60"/>

 mythtranscode       <recordedseek>
         <mark offset="376" type="9" mark="0"/>
         <mark offset="461352" type="9" mark="30"/>

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