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#10581: New customizable OSD menu, with editor and hot-key shortcuts
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 MythTV 0.22 introduced a customizable OSD menu, in which the user
 could choose which items appeared on the OSD menu (though not the
 order).  MythTV 0.24 reorganized the OSD menu to be hierarchical with
 greatly expanded functionality, but removed customizability as a side

 This patch adds a new, flat, customizable OSD menu for the TV Playback
 context.  It allows the user to select their favorite actions from
 among the existing OSD menu items, and collect them into a flat
 top-level menu.  This menu is displayed via the HOTMENU key binding.

 The first 10 items on the hot menu have hot-key accelerators via the
 keypresses "0" through "9".  In a sense, this gives the user 10
 additional "virtual buttons" on a remote control, i.e. HOTMENU+0,

 When the hot menu is active, the user can reorder the items and delete
 items.  Pressing the HOTMENU key brings up a menu that lets the user
 move the highlighted item up one position, down one position, to the
 top, or to the bottom, or to remove the item from the hot menu.

 To add a new item to the hot menu, the user navigates through the
 regular OSD menu, highlights the desired action, and presses the
 HOTMENU key.  Not all OSD menu items are available for adding to the
 hot menu, particularly items that are dependent on the actual
 recording, e.g. selection of specific audio or subtitle tracks.

 The last item in the hot menu is a hard-coded link to the regular OSD
 menu.  It cannot be deleted or reordered.

 The hot menu configuration is stored in the HotMenuActions setting in
 the DB Settings table, as an ordered, comma-delimited list of action
 strings.  As such, it does not require a schema update.

 This feature is also quite usable for remote controls with a very
 small number of buttons.  The user can map the remote control's menu
 button to the HOTMENU action in the TV Playback context (in addition
 to it being mapped to the MENU action in the Global context).  The
 menu button will then bring up the hot menu for the commonly used
 items, with hard-coded access to the regular OSD menu as the last item
 in the hot menu.


 1. As noted above, not all regular OSD items are available as hot menu
 items.  This is not really a technical limitation, rather an attempt to
 avoid surprises to the user.  Restrictions may be lifted on a case-by-case

 2. OSD submenus are also not available.  Technically, they could be made
 available, but it's hard to make a "Back" action return to the hot menu
 when necessary, leading to a rough user experience.

 3. It would be nice (and technically easy) to include keybinding actions
 and jumppoint actions in the hot menu, with some extra work in the Edit
 Keys setup page.

 4. While the TV Playback context has the richest set of available actions,
 it might also be nice to have a hot menu in other contexts.  It might also
 be nice to have variations on the hot menu that depend on aspects of
 playback, such as playing a recording versus a video versus a DVD/BD
 versus Live TV.

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