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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging 0.25 release

Chris Petersen (85):
      Rename and cleanup after the nuvexport svn import
      Checking in local changes that bring nuvexport up to date with the perl bindings, and such that it actually USES the perl bindings now.
      fix for ffmpeg's change in how to specify bitrate.  closes #2773.  Will push changes into 0.4 soon
      Add --save_info parameter to save a mythvideo-friendly descriptive .txt file, and clean out a previous version of the command, which shouldn't have been committed (got lost during the move to the mythtv svn repo).
      this copy should be 0.5, not 0.4
      add calls to MythTV.pm to close #2761 -- thought for sure these were already in place
      catch new error strings
      Apply patch to close #2842.  Apply changes from patch to other files that used tcmplex, too, so that everything should now use mplex.
      kill an out of place semi colon
      use the ffmpeg variable instead of hard-coded name.  closes #2917
      Fix crop percentages, mostly ala patch to close #2970
      uncomment the audio-only framecount grabber, since ffmpeg doesn't report such things.  closes #2900
      ignore --require_cutlist if the file was requested via --infile.  closes #2967, though not by the patch since it was against the wrong svn.
      rewrite the crop code to allow for 16:9 cropping (to pull 16:9 stuff out of a 4:3 recording), along with an out_aspect override setting to force the output aspect ratio (for codecs that support it).
      this function was renamed at some point in the past.
      fix for atrpms ffmpeg version string.  closes #2991
      Replace all db calls with the proper MythTV object parameter/methods.  This closes #3201
      Minor fixup to hopefully avoid warning messages reported in ticket.  closes #3223
      use the correct time value for retrieving table data for sql file rebuild.  closes #2962
      mencoder and mencoder+xvid updates/optimizations.  Selectively apply parts of patches to close #3064.  I don't know what the maker of the patch was reading, but the man page clearly states that the -vf (formerly -vop) filters are applied in reverse, and the correct order should be scale,denoise,deint,crop (which would then be reversed by mencoder to run them as crop->deint->denoise->scale)
      confirmed that -vf runs in correct order, it was -vop that ran in reverse.
      Fix the nuv+sql exporter so that it actually works.
      rework the mp4 exporter to more explicitly allow ipod compatibility AND to enable the higher quality -refs setting when ipod compatibility is not required.  Also updates the default nuvexportrc file to be more generic (with better documentation) rather than mimicing some of my personal settings.
      better tracking of dying mythtranscode processes
      apparently I can't use &&
      try to catch non-int returns that were causing trouble for some people.  Should hopefully close #3510
      avoid some 'not defined' type warnings...
      ffmpeg changed their parameters again..  audio bitrate is now in bits instead of kbits
      ffmpeg changed their parameters again..  audio bitrate is now in bits instead of kbits.  Use the new ab parameter function where necessary.
      remove db.pm install attempt, since the perl bindings handle this now.
      More ffmpeg parameter adjustments for cli parameter changes, from rkulagow via email discussion.
      More edits from rkulagow:  Update filename parameter info to match perl binding parameters.
      Add some new parameters to show Deleted and LiveTV recordings, and hide these recordings by default.  Closes #4032
      Apply patch to fix showing of 'credits' info with nuvinfo.  Closes #3309
      Re #3309, stylistic cleanup
      Apply slightly-modified version of the patch to fix the infile parameter for nuvexport.  should close #3201
      re #3201, code cleanup
      re #3201, I hate namespaces sometimes
      re #3201, fix the starttime vs recstartts naming issue, too
      general cleanup
      Avoid an unnecessary perl warning.  closes #3775
      Clean up some transcode-related code, mostly to get rid of a perl error.  Closes #4033
      use exit instead of die, so this doesn't look like a compile error
      Update things to support ffmpeg's new codec name changes.  Should close #3809
      Update for better ipod bitrate settings now that ipods themselves have better supported formats.  Also change the me_method to match Handbrake's preferred format, since I trust their settings.  Closes #3934
      closes #3272.  The error happened because get_outfile() automatically starts adding .2 or .3 to the filenames to avoid overwriting existing files.  This adds a parameter to disable the check for those times where we just want a filename and know that the file already exists.
      Apply patch and a few extras to add a 'no progress' option for nuvexport that disables the encode progress updates, to avoid filling up cron logs with unimportant data.  Closes #3839
      rename -me_method to -me because despite what older versions of the ffmpeg docs say, ffmpeg doesn't always support the new name
      allow side cropping to go from 16:9 to 4:3
      apply patch to hide subtitles and : character if there is no subtitle.  closes #4557
      apply cleaner version of patch re #4438 to add support for libmp3lame codec rename in ffmpeg.
      update revision in spec file
      fix 4mv vs mv4 to close #4490.  It's interesting that my ffmpeg says I should use mv4, but has no problem when I use 4mv.  This has been around long enough that I hope hard-coding the fix won't cause too many issues for people.
      add a link to the wiki entry for --debug references
      apparently some instances of ffmpeg show both mp3 and libmp3lame in their -formats list, so take libmp3lame as priority.
      add some more aspect ratios
      bump spec version
      add more links to the debug article in the mythtv wiki, and update for the first rpm release of 0.5
      first start of support for ffmpeg 0.5..  includes fixing trellis parameter to close #5923
      more ffmpeg 0.5 compat changes -- no more need for parameter-version checking (for now)
      fix -me and -loop ffmpeg parameters for ffmpeg 0.5.  Closes #6362
      fix aic and cgop ffmpeg parameters.  Closes #6214
      more version-string detection changes
      fix transcode progress parameters and update status processor to deal with new format.  Closes #6215
      try to work around transcode's new status-printing methods (not very good, unfortunately)
      new version
      remove ffmpeg -title param which no longer seems to exist
      remove ffmpeg -title param which no longer seems to exist
      catch new wording changes in ffmpeg error strings
      no more brdo ffmpeg flags2 value
      more ffmpeg parameter name changes
      avoid an 'uninitialized value' warning.
      comment cleanup, version bump
      version bump
      update spec to be closer to rpmfusion compliance
      fix summary text for rpmlint, and to match rpmfusion spec
      ffmpeg is being packaged with SVN-r### versions again instead of 0.5 versions.
      fix #6488 -- ffmpeg version uses a comma now instead of a hyphen
      a new tempfile create by ffmpeg
      better handling of ffmpeg versions and new error messages
      handle ffmpeg 0.6 split of -formats and -codecs, with backwards compatibility to 0.5.  Fixes #7912
      Fix mime types and other svn meta data

Gavin Hurlbut (17):
      Incorporated provided fix for single pass with no quantization enabled.
      Included H264-related fixes from #7898 and #6774 to nuvexport (using -demuxer lavf)
      Make nuvexport accept the funky ffmpeg version number from Ubuntu 10.04.
      Updates to most of the nuvexport exporters.
      Added H.264 exports using mencoder.  There is one that uses AAC audio, and one
      Please note the loud ripping sound as transcode exporters are removed from
      And further ripping sounds..
      Adds ETA to mencoder jobs in nuvexport.
      Convert ffmpeg to mythffmpeg
      Add the audio channels to the episode display
      Reworked ffmpeg exporters to work with mythffmpeg
      Get nuvexport working again after ffmpeg resync
      Fix the order in the crop filter for ffmpeg
      Remove the no-longer needed nuvinfo.pm
      Move aspect_str and aspect_float into mythtv::recordings.
      Remove the use of sox now that mythtranscode downmixes
      Ooops, comment out the debug logfile creation

Isaac Richards (1):
      Merge [16394]:[16445] from release-0-21-fixes to trunk

Otto Kolsi (1):
      Suppress the "Untitled" subtitle

Robert Kulagowski (1):
      Removes extra semicolon.  Closes #2922.

Robert McNamara (2):
      Move nuvexport to contrib/exports.
      Cue the beeping noises and back this truck up, Nuvexport -> Mythextras.



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