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  replaces  v0.25pre
 tagged by  Gavin Hurlbut
        on  Tue Apr 10 01:00:04 2012 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Mark 0.25 release

Chris Petersen (33):
      Restore empty directory
      Build script has been partially updated to work with the new github setup.
      Fix up version/revision strings so this actually installs packages.
      Add php-MythTV subpackage
      Require Qt >= 4.5
      Remove xvmc-vld, opengl-vsync, and rename mythtvosd to mythmessage
      updated git numbers
      add hardware profile and html static files
      Fix an abs path issue so this will actually update the gitrev inside of the specfile
      Update gitrev
      add mythffmpeg to default install
      add backend-config directory
      Update for recent changes like mediaserver and merging mythvideo into the frontend
      test a more recent compile
      Add mythmetadatalookup and move other metadata files into -common
      Add mythccextractor
      add mythutil
      remove docs, add json dep for mythweather
      updates for latest mythmusic build params
      Add perl(IO::Socket::INET6) req for perl bindings
      supported version bump
      text changes/comments.
      mythweb.spec and build instructions
      Merge pull request #23 from hobbes1069/mypack
      fix missing endif from recent pull request patch
      --logfile to --logpath
      remove .git* meta data files
      use correct logpath
      quick hack to pick up new log format
      attempt to fix version string detection
      fix build rev detection
      remove mythmessage
      Enable libx264

David Blain (13):
      Visual Studio 2010 solution for MythTv
      Added README file to the VS2010 project.
      Project changes allows build of mythbackend and its dependant libs in VS2010
      Add missing files for VS2010 solution
      Fixed properties to turn of preprocessor output for ThreadedFileWriter.cpp
      Fixed libmythtv project to account for new QThread changes
      Added new projects to support API Framework commit
      Updated to reflect renaming of MythXML to internetContent
      Add missing libmythfreemheg project file
      Added .gitignore to all project directories
      Removing files that should not have been pushed in last commit.
      Updated to work with latest master.  Also added mythfronend project.
      Updated VS2010 projects to work with Server Side Scripting commit.

Gavin Hurlbut (9):
      Merge pull request #14 from superm1/master
      Merge pull request #15 from Mythbuntu/master
      Update mythbuild.sh
      Upgrade to 0.6 of the mythbuild.sh script
      Revert "Revert all of it... So everyone is happy"
      Revert "Revert "Correct mythvideo version check, remove hasq warnings.""
      Rename jya's new osx-packager to osx-packager-10.6.pl
      Rename osx-packager-10.4.pl back to osx-packager.pl
      Ooops, that should have been -10.7.pl

Jean-Yves Avenard (20):
      Merge pull request #17 from superm1/master
      Update mac build system to work on 10.7 Lion.
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/packaging
      Update doc, fixing a typo. Add a troubleshooting section
      Remove rubbish at the end of the README
      Revert "Correct mythvideo version check, remove hasq warnings."
      Revert all of it... So everyone is happy
      New mac packager using external Qt libraries
      Add -olevel option
      Cater for all different version of XCode 4.2
      Update builder so it can be used to build Qt from sources
      Remove debugging
      Delete mythtv installed header files when doing distclean
      Work around Qt bug QTBUG-24662
      Work around Qt bug QTBUG-24662 #2
      Fix installation of mysql Qt plugin
      Don't redirect to /dev/null Qt compilation if using -verbose
      Fix 32 bits compilation on 64 bits host and vice-versa
      There was a reason why I didn't	play with CPPFLAGS to start with...
      Fix Qt mysql plugin install

Karl Newman (2):
      New ebuild for git-sourced nuvexport.
      Update git revision to point to correct commit of nuvexport.

Mario Limonciello (22):
      Add Ubuntu deb build scripts that will wrap around building a bzr and git checkout
      s/git/git-core/ thanks Beirdo
      parse the chosen branch for a potential GIT_MAJOR_RELEASE
      also allow git minor release to be specified ahead of time
      only rebuild the tarball if it's not already there
      don't leave the builds as unreleased, include the current ubuntu version (or one passed via env variable)
      only pull the applicable bzr branch for the type of build
      look for mythbuntu not +mythbuntu when in autobuild mode
      Explicitly pass the branch name for debian builds to allow non fixes or master only builds
      Explicitly pass the branch name for debian builds to allow non fixes or master only builds
      Match only dpkg-parsechangelog output that starts with Version
      Match only dpkg-parsechangelog output that starts with Version
      correct a few more Version calls
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Mythbuntu/packaging
      Force a bzr clean-tree after revert in case files are different among packaging
      Don't reupload the orig.tar.gz with every distro change
      Add support to build with more patches optionally
      Test all patches before kicking off build
      Set QUILT_PATCHES to ensure that even if .pc isn't populated the quilt push/pop doesn't fail
      stash changes if need be
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/packaging
      don't let stash cause failures

Mark Kendall (1):
      Windows packaging: Remove directfb configure option from mythbuild.sh

Nigel Pearson (41):
      Prevent rebase tool from duplicating the libraries that it rebases,
      Re-enable MythMusic -
      Initial Git support - binary build, clone/checkout/pull.
      Correct mistake in [34f10715] - taglib version changed.
      Update doco, remove/simplify branch-tag verification.
      Actually enable new -gitrev argument (was broken in [98927e37])
      Merge git://github.com/MythTV/packaging into Use-Git
      Prevent a wasteful rebuild of mythtv.
      Fix --noclean arg.
      Fix --noclean arg.
      Fix --noclean arg.
      Enable preview generation by backend. Closes #9436. Thanks Britney!
      Enable preview generation by backend. Closes #9436. Thanks Britney!
      Re-enable MMX after reports it works on 10.5 and 10.6
      Re-enable MMX after reports it works on 10.5 and 10.6
      Build and use YASM
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/packaging
      Build and use YASM
      Build and use YASM
      Allow building from particular revisions
      Don't "git pull" if --nohead, tidy git logic.
      Typo in [b6596cb] - Don't "git pull" if --nohead, tidy git logic.
      Merge branch 'master' into Use-Git
      Merge branch 'master' into OSX-fixes
      Repair --nohead, replace git pulls with explicit fetches.
      Merge branch 'Use-Git' of github.com:MythTV/packaging into Use-Git
      Add "git pull" back in - it is the only way to fast-forward?
      Fix mythwelcome in FE-only builds, add ccache for speedup.
      Fix mythwelcome in FE-only builds, add ccache for speedup.
      Fix mythwelcome in FE-only builds, add ccache for speedup.
      Merge branch 'Use-Git' into OSX-fixes
      Unhack a file before git pull to minimise clash/stash errs.
      Change my hack to build/package mythpreviewgen
      After fb6ed342b, also copy backend HTML page content
      After fb6ed342b, also copy backend HTML page content
      MySQL 5.1.55 unavailable - up to 5.1.56
      Fix a few syntax errors
      10.7 Qt build fix? (Untested by me)
      mysql.he.net doesn't seem to have a good collection of versions to download
      Package mythfilldatabase in MythTV-Setup.app. Refs #9986.
      Add Liberation Sans font into packaged apps. Used by Terra.

Raymond Wagner (35):
      Adds new 'media-tv/mythtv-bindings' package which can be used to install
      Version bump.
      Remove --disable-xvmc tag from gentoo ebuild.
      Fix sed handling of MythTV version and branch strings for fixes/0.24.
      Fix broken manifests.
      Correct manifests again.  Adds --force to --digest-only call in ebuild
      Update MythVideo ebuild following rename of sys-apps/eject to
      Bump revisions.  Add support for xvid/x264 options in media-tv/mythtv
      Delete swap file, add gitignore.
      Move machinery into mythtv.eclass.  Mark 0.25-only until configure
      Bump ebuild versions.
      Bump MythTV revision.
      Bump ebuild versions. MythVideo has been removed from trunk, but there
      Update 0.24.1 and 0.25 ebuilds. Remove V4L patch following upstream fix.
      Fix missing manifest for mythvideo builds.
      Bump ebuilds.  Update eclass to fix unintended issue of renaming stable
      Fix manifests
      Update Gentoo ebuilds
      Yet more manifest issues.
      Manifest issues
      Bump 0.24.1 and 0.25 ebuilds
      Version bump and autostart fix
      Add 'vaapi' and 'crystalhd' build flags for 0.25. Bump ebuilds.
      Correct MythVideo Manifest. Update utility to prevent repeat occurance.
      Correct version version string generation
      Bump ebuilds, using correct version strings.
      Ebuild version bump
      Bump ebuild version. Correct bad media-tv/mythtv Manifest.
      Bump ebuilds
      Update logcleanup for better filename parsing
      Big ebuild version bump.
      Remove invalid configure option.
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/packaging
      Correct mythvideo version check, remove hasq warnings.
      Big round of ebuild updates.

Richard M. Shaw (2):
      Various updates. See changelog in mythtv.spec for additional detail.
      SystemD service file for mythbackend.

Rob Smith (43):
      Adds in the mythtv official gentoo ebuild tree to the packaging repo.
      Version bump 0.24 to 20101223 and cleans up 0.25 versions
      Ebuild version bump
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/steveybaby2/packaging into steveybaby2-master
      0.24_p20110109 0.25_pre20110109
      Gentoo Ebuild Version Bumb
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/packaging
      Gentoo Ebuild Version Bumb
      Gentoo Ebuild Version Bumb
      Adds 0001-Fix-the-use-of-datadirect-with-no-named-input-file.patch to mythtv-0.25_pre20110117
      Gentoo Ebuild Version Bumb
      Mythtv Ebuild version bump to 2011-01-28, removed some extra outdated plugin versions, remove unused patch files.
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/packaging
      Some fixes provided by SiliconFiend. Thanks!
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/packaging
      Ebuild bump to 20110201
      2011-02-09 ebuilds
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/packaging
      2011-02-15 ebuilds
      Cleanup of older revisions, add experimental support for mysql 5.5
      Remove the hard mask of myth*, as we use arch and ~arch to specify versions
      Adds in mythweb as a ebuild, updates 0.24 to 2011-02-19, master to 2011-02-20, removes some old versions
      Update mysql-5.5.patch
      Remove unmask. This causes some users some issues due to some portage bugs that seem nontrivial to work around.
      Adds in a patch for #8585 to log proper dates.
      Fixes invalid mysql 5.5 patch for 0.25_pre20110301
      Update to 20110302
      Add in requirements for smolt hardware gather
      2011-03-19 ebuild bump
      2011-03-29 ebuild updates
      Adds in exit, opengl, and raw use flags for mythgallery
      Change sys-apps/eject to sys-block/eject
      Ebuild version bump
      Gentoo ebuild bump to 2011-04-11, add in a fix for #9595 for 0.24.
      ebuild bump from 2011-04-11 to 2011-04-14
      Fixes #9692, this adds in the libwww requirement for myth ebuilds
      20110515 ebuild bump
      Fixes an issue with the nuvexport ebuild not being to download the tarball from github
      Require older kernel headers for the ebuilds. If you dont, we get no v4l support.
      Ebuild bump to 2011-05-24
      Changing repo name for layman inclusion

Robert Kulagowski (10):
      Additional files and updates required for building solution in VS2010.
      Update README file, fix word wrap.
      Undo the damage that I did in an earlier commit with VS replacing things on its own.  dblain, double-check?
      Update README and provide a file which is generated during Linux configure.
      Run version.vbs from the command line to create a version.h file
      Update some inline docs.
      Update the README file to reflect the version.vbs and copydll.vbs files which have been committed.
      Update README to reflect additional tasks.
      Update script to copy additional dll's into the right place.
      Refine what needs to be copied and what just needs to be setup correctly. :)

Robert McNamara (2):
      OS X: Build MythMetadataLookup.
      Revert "OS X: Build MythMetadataLookup."

Stuart Auchterlonie (20):
      Replace Nigel's speedup hack with ccache.
      Merge branch 'OSX-fixes'
      Update to "recent" versions of MySQL and Qt.
      Add support for a shared archive directory
      Don't delete CC & CXX from the environment. Allows it to be overridden if required
      Initial build_profile support for osx-packager.pl
      Finally! merge branch 'OSX-buildbot'.
      Update MySQL to 5.1.56
      Add a bootstrap option to only build required dependencies
      Add nohacks option to disable nigels hacks
      Ensure that .osx-packager directory is only defined in one place.
      If srcdir is defined don't attempt verification of the source dir
      Master builds now require libQtScript_debug
      OSX packaging. Allow the packaging directory to be pulled from a different srcdir
      OSX packaging. Fix a comparison
      add pkgconfig to osx-packager.pl
      The odd , here and there does wonders
      Use pkgconfig 0.25 as it includes glib which is required to compile pkgconfig
      Add libcdio to the plugin dependencies
      Add libcddb since libcdio wants it

dblain (5):
      * Added mythfilldatabase project (requires wget.exe in path to work)
      Updated Visual Studio projects to include latest changes.
      Update VS2010 projects with latest MythTv updates
      Bring Visual Studio 2010 project files up-to-date with latest source changes.
      Add missing method to VS2010 specific file.

mark-kendall (5):
      Packaging: 'Archive' the old windows build scripts and utilities.
      Packaging: Actually remove the 'old' windows scripts (missed in error)
      Packaging: Add new windows build script from Lawrence Rust
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/packaging
      Windows build: Add QtScript as a new Qt library requirement.

steve (1):
      Fix bug preventing mythtv from installing correctly on gentoo, giving

unknown (2):
      A VBScript file to move dll's from the thirdparty directory into bin\debug
      VS2010 - updated projects to include latest files.

wagnerrp (1):
      Merge pull request #19 from superm1/master



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