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#10551: Mythtv fails on some livetv channels
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 Hello there all,

 I have a question. I'm using mythtv for over 3 years now with the iptv
 (m3u) functionality. As of shortly my provider change a couple of channel
 to a different ip/port number (like BBC1) but after the change the mythtv
 fails on connection on that ip/port. When i use the default box of the
 provider i see an image on my screen so i know it is working. All other
 channels work even some of the changed one but the BBC and some others
 fail. It looks like that these channels use different codecs or something
 but i can't figure out what it is.

 I started my backend with -v all to have a complete log(attached at mail)
 when i start the BBC1 (udp:// but i can't figure out
 why it fails.. Only thing i see is that it is trying to figure out what
 codec to use.. But not more that that.

 Please could you guys help me to get the channels working again, because
 i'm a little afraid that they will change more channels and then my mythtv
 setup won't work anymore and i need to go to the dedicated (crappy) box of
 the provider

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