[mythtv-commits] Ticket #10544: [Patch] Fix typo in '--ostream' option for mythtranscode

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Wed Apr 4 20:31:44 UTC 2012

#10544: [Patch] Fix typo in '--ostream' option for mythtranscode
 Reporter:  Joe Nyland <joe@…>  |           Type:  Patch - Bug Fix
   Status:  new                 |       Priority:  minor
Milestone:                      |      Component:  MythTV - Mythtranscode
  Version:  Master Head         |       Severity:  low
 Keywords:  mythtranscode       |  Ticket locked:  0
 Running 'mythtranscode --help' returns:

 -e OR --ostream             Output stream type: dvd, ps

 Meaning that mythtranscode can create a DVD compatible MPEG2 file, or an
 MPEG2-PS program stream file.

 However, issueing 'mythtranscode --ostream ps' on a file fails, saying
 that ps is not a valid format.

 Inspecting the code mythtranscode/commandlineparser.cpp reveals that
 mythtranscode will only output to a DVD compatible file, or a MPEG TS
 transport stream file.

 The attached patch addresses this typo in the 'mythtranscode --help'

 ''* Whilst I have a good amount of experience with scripting I am not a
 developer, so there is a chance I have made a mistake. I have verified
 that the patch applies correctly to the source and that I can successfully
 build MythTV with the patch applied, so as far as I can make out I haven't
 broken anything. If I can improve this in anyway, please let me know.''

 I hope this helps.


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