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Tue Oct 18 13:50:51 UTC 2011

#9746: Inconsistent default / help text for Storage Group disk scheduler
 Reporter:  rkulagow               |          Owner:  cpinkham
     Type:  Patch - Bug Fix        |         Status:  closed
 Priority:  minor                  |      Milestone:  unknown
Component:  MythTV - Mythtv-setup  |        Version:  Trunk Head
 Severity:  low                    |     Resolution:  Invalid
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Changes (by cpinkham):

 * status:  assigned => closed
 * resolution:   => Invalid


 This discrepancy is on purpose.  The logic is explained in the commit that
 added that DB update.  Prior to the changes on that date, the combination
 method was the only one available and there was no setting.  In f7df5797,
 the new balanced free space and balanced disk I/O schedulers were added.
 The DB update was added in 4a63451d so that users upgrading from prior to
 f7df5797 would still retain their original storage balancing method.  New
 users installing versions after 4a63451d would get the new recommended
 setting.  We normally have a policy of not changing settings on users
 unless a feature is being removed.

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