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#9670: RTSP Support Broken in Pre-0.25 Branch...
     Reporter:  raymondboettcher@…          |      Owner:  janne
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    Component:  MythTV - Video Playback     |    Version:  0.24-fixes
     Severity:  medium                      |   Keywords:  IPTV, RTSP
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 I've made tons of attempts to get this to work...  I've tried VLC and then
 finally LIVE555 Media Server.  I made 3 streams, 1 MPEG1 - MP2 Audio, 1
 MPEG2 - MP2 Audio, and finally 1 MPEG2-TS - MP2 Audio stream using FFMPEG.
 I have done everything I can imagine to get this to work.  However, the
 results do work great in VLC.  LIVE555 Media Server even offers UDP and
 TCP RTSP as well as a RTSP over HTTP Server.  There can't be any way that
 I've missed something here.  Playlist File is as Follows:

 #EXTINF:0,1001 - DRI

 I tune to channel 1001 and get "You should have received a channel lock by
 now.  You can continue to wait for a signal or you can..."

 I have attached a log with -v playback,record as the options.  Hopefully
 this is good enough but if you need more, let me know.  This log was
 generated while using LIVE555 Streaming Server as the Server which VLC
 streams from with no problems.  They do have a prebuilt binary version
 (which I used) at:


 I tried specifying a file that doesn't exist on the RTSP Server and it
 does complain about that without any verbose logging.  However, without
 verbose logging and the stream does exist, you'd never know there was a
 problem without the verbose logging (Well except the fact that video never

 Note: Usage of the Server is SIMPLE, download the binary to a folder.
 Then drop your MPEG video files in the folder with it.  Run the server
 from inside that folder and it will offer the video files that are in the
 folder automatically.  It will use the default RTSP port 554 on both UDP
 and TCP and VLC will smile when you access them.  I can even seek around
 the stream, which I wasn't expecting.

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