[mythtv-commits] Ticket #9174: A new backend can uPnP to old master, upgrade DB without backup

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#9174: A new backend can uPnP to old master, upgrade DB without backup
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Changes (by mdean):

 * component:  MythTV - UPnP => MythTV - General


 For what it's worth, 889f53315 modified the schema upgrade procedure so
 mythbackend can only upgrade the database when running on the master
 mythbackend host (and mythbackend running on any remote host is not
 allowed to upgrade the database).  Therefore, a new backend should never
 be able to upgrade the database out from under a running master

 I can modify the schema upgrade wizard to refuse to upgrade the database
 if the 2 backup attempts fail, but it was originally designed to allow
 upgrade even if the automatic backup fails--since we have always suggested
 users manually back up the database before upgrades.  For now, I plan to
 leave it as is--so that if the "do our best to get a backup in case the
 user didn't" fails, we still allow the upgrade to proceed.  (If consensus
 among developers is that we should not allow the upgrade, I will make the

 And note that the backup failed here because a) "2010-11-02 21:26:43.076
 Database backup script does not exist:
 and b) when we fell back to using mysqldump directly, mysqldump was not in
 the PATH, so it couldn't be executed.

 So, as I read it, all that's left of this ticket is checking whether
 there's a bug in determining whether a console is interactive on Mac OS X,
 and, if so, fixing it.

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