[mythtv-commits] Ticket #9847: Wrong video aspect ratio after mythvideo merge

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Sun Jun 26 09:16:30 UTC 2011

#9847: Wrong video aspect ratio after mythvideo merge
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Comment (by yianniv <yiannividalis@…>):

 It seems I was not thorough in my "investigation" of the problem. The
 picture of the film I watched on the 12th was of 1280x720 size and didn't
 exhibit the problem. I'm sorry. The videos that are affected are all
 cropped, like in the old ticket I had reported. Non cropped videos show

 Is it possible to compile an older mythtv version on this specific
 frontend and use mythavtest to pinpoint the commit that caused this, or
 will fail running due to the difference of protocol and db versions?

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