[mythtv-commits] Ticket #9829: Doubled EIA-608 letters in digital channels

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Sun Jun 5 23:45:36 UTC 2011

#9829: Doubled EIA-608 letters in digital channels
     Reporter:  Alex Halovanic       |      Owner:  markk
  <halovanic@…>                      |     Status:  new
         Type:  Bug Report -         |  Milestone:  unknown
  General                            |    Version:  Trunk Head
     Priority:  minor                |   Keywords:  caption captioning
    Component:  MythTV - Video/OSD   |  EAI-608
  Rendering                          |
     Severity:  low                  |
Ticket locked:  0                    |
 SD digital channels captured from Wide Open West (WOW) contain EIA-608
 captions.  On MythTV 0.25 (a2a32e605e08501f19e7e6ea052ecf9dcfdf6c50)
 turning on closed captions frequently (but not always) results in doubled
 letters in words, ie "SNONOWW" for "SNOW".  Attached is a clip where the
 captions appear to display correctly briefly before this problem starts.
 CCExtractor pulls captions fine from this clip.  This issue also occurred
 in 0.24.

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