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#9825: Audio/VBI failures for nuv recordings
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 With git master, I am having audio/VBI failures for nuv recordings on a
 WinTV or pcHDTV-3000 (analog port) card:

 1. SetInputAndFormat fails trying to set VIDIOC_STREAMOFF

 2011-06-04 17:54:57.697 V4LChannel(/dev/video0): SetInputAndFormat(14,
 NTSC) (v4l v2) input_switch: 0 mode_switch: 1
 2011-06-04 17:54:57.697 V4LChannel(/dev/video0) Error:
 SetInputAndFormat(14, NTSC)
                         while disabling streaming (v4l v2)
                         eno: Invalid argument (22)
 2011-06-04 17:54:57.699 V4LChannel(/dev/video0): SetInputAndFormat()
 2011-06-04 17:54:57.699 TVRec(14) Error: Failed to set channel to 6006.
 Reverting to kState_None
 2011-06-04 17:54:57.699 TVRec(14): Changing from RecordingOnly to None

 The comments seem to indicate this is only needed for some cards so I made
 local changes not to fail if this happens.  Patch is attached but this is
 probably not the right way to go.

 2. Errors setting VBI and audio input options:

 2011-06-04 18:07:41.923 RecBase(14:/dev/video0) Warning:
 SetOption(vbidevice,/dev/vbi0): Option not recognized
 2011-06-04 18:07:41.926 RecBase(14:/dev/video0) Warning:
 SetOption(vbiformat,NTSC Closed Caption): Option not recognized
 2011-06-04 18:07:41.926 RecBase(14:/dev/video0) Warning:
 SetOption(audiodevice,ALSA:hw:0): Option not recognized
 2011-06-04 18:07:41.926 AudioIn Error: unknown or unsupported audio input
 device ''
 2011-06-04 18:07:41.926 NVR(/dev/video0) Error: Failed to create audio
 2011-06-04 18:07:41.926 NVR(/dev/video0) Error: Failed to init audio input
 2011-06-04 18:07:42.034 NVR(/dev/video0) Error: Invalid audio device (),

 Looks like it's not calling V4LRecorder::SetOption

 3. VBI recording thread exits.  This appears to be due to
 "request_recording" not getting set, causing the main thread loop to exit
 immediately.  Also, FormatCC was not updated for the new VBI extraction

 I have attached another patch to address issues 2 and 3,  Not sure if it's
 the right way to fix issue 2.

 4. Tons of VBI select timeout messages

 2011-06-04 18:35:49.472 V4LRec(14:/dev/video0) Error: vbi select timed out

 I disabled this message in my local tree.

 With these changes, closed captions are still not recorded properly -- a
 few captions show up but most are dropped.  It seems the new VBI
 extraction code is not working well for me.  I haven't been able to debug
 it yet but have temporarily reverted to the old one (in vbi/vbi.c) for my
 local tree.

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