[mythtv-commits] mythtv/master commit: 9649c3ca7 by Paul Harrison (paul-h)

MythTV noreply at mythtv.org
Wed Jul 27 10:23:27 UTC 2011

      Author:  Paul Harrison <pharrison at mythtv.org>
 Change Date:  2011-07-27T03:22:46-07:00
   Push Date:  2011/07/27 03:23:18 -0700
  Repository:  mythtv
      Branch:  master
New Revision:  9649c3ca78580a47643ba349b1038d190bedffad
   Changeset:  https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/commit/9649c3ca7


Fix deleting expired recordings in the status screen.

There was a bug introduced by https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/commit/48fb2493
which was preventing recordings from being deleted or their recording group
being changed.

This changes the expire button list back to reloading after something is
changed, each item in the list needs to be updated to reflect the new stats
anyway so there is little advantage to not reloading the list completely. To
speed things up we only grab the expire list once from the BE. We also restore
the position after refreshing the button list which was the original complaint
being fixed by 48fb2493.

Refs #9286, #8787.



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