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Mon Jul 25 15:11:37 UTC 2011

#9801: mythtranscode produces unusable output when transcoding mpeg4->mpeg4 with
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Changes (by mdean):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => Duplicate


 There's a setting, "Save original files after transcoding (globally)",
 that allows users to choose to keep the old transcoded file in case of
 problems like this.  Anyone who is transcoding MythTV recordings should
 enable this setting (and clean up after it).  The setting is disabled by
 default so that users don't end up with multiple gigabytes of "orphaned"
 files--a user who doesn't explicitly enable this setting is unlikely to
 know that he or she needs to clean up the ".old" files after the transcode
 is proven successful.  Therefore, we won't change the default value of the

 Future changes, still in the works, to MythTV will allow us to always keep
 the old file without it becoming and orphaned file.  This will provide the
 safety net of keeping the original for all users, but will still allow
 management of files within MythTV.  Therefore, I do not want to add in a
 "hack" that chooses some arbitrary size and refuses to believe a transcode
 was successful (regardless of what the process's reported exit status was)
 if the resulting file is smaller than said value.  If we do, it will fail
 to detect some types of failures that result in a partial transcode and
 there will likely be arguments over what file size constitutes success.
 So, I'm going to consider that part of the ticket, "Won't Fix" (but the
 future changes will provide the same benefit--and more--without the
 disadvantages of the "try to outsmart the OS" approach).

 Note, also, if you have any non-default value for the setting (anything
 other than "" or "mythtranscode"):

 Transcoder command
 The program used to transcode recordings. The default is 'mythtranscode'
 if this setting is empty.

 (including an absolute path to the mythtranscode binary, such as
 /usr/bin/mythtranscode) it's quite possible that is causing the inability
 to recognize the failed transcode--especially if the transcode command is
 a script, which may not provide proper exit status to indicate failures.

 And, again, anyone who is transcoding MythTV recordings, please enable the
 setting, "Save original files after transcoding (globally)".

 Therefore, all that remains of this ticket is the failing MPEG4->MPEG4
 transcode, which is a dup of #8864.

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