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Sun Jul 10 20:22:27 UTC 2011

#9909: mythfrontend hates bambi
 Reporter:  Marc Randolph <mrand@…>          |          Owner:
     Type:  Bug Report - General             |         Status:
 Priority:  minor                            |  infoneeded_new
Component:  MythTV - General                 |      Milestone:  unknown
 Severity:  medium                           |        Version:  0.24-fixes
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Changes (by robertm):

 * status:  new => infoneeded_new


 This doesn't look like a crash, it looks like a "fails to play."  Disney
 DVDs are nearly all protected by inserting bad sectors into the disc.  The
 failure to decode looks consistent with that.  Does the DVD play with
 other libdvdnav/read using applications?  If it does play with other apps,
 we'll at least need logs with -v playback.  If it doesn't play with other
 apps, the user is likely out of luck.

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