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Sun Feb 13 20:40:51 UTC 2011

#9584: Progress Bar not working for NUV files
     Reporter:  stuart@…                        |      Owner:  janne
         Type:  Bug Report                      |     Status:  new
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    Component:  MythTV - Video Playback         |    Version:  0.24-fixes
     Severity:  medium                          |   Keywords:  Progress Bar
Ticket locked:  0                               |  NUV
 It would appear that recent changes, since 6th Feb 2011 (in respect of
 issues with BBC HD Channels not displaying the correct time), has rendered
 the progress bar as 0:00 on all my NUV (mpeg4) files (UK Sky Digital via
 Svideo input).

 LiveTV or watching current Recording shows the time increasing on the
 total time, but 0:00 as current position.

 I am able to FF/RWD and skip forward and backwards by any number of
 minutes (say 10 minutes), but nothing is shown on the progress bar.
 Therefore the seek tables do not appear to be corrupt.

 I have followed the recent discussions regarding DVB-T Radio (audio -
 MHEG) also not showing the progress bar correctly, however 2011-02-12
 0.24-fixes, do not appear to have any effect.

 I still have one frontend which is on 2011-02-04 0.24-fixes, and the
 progress bar is working correctly.

 DVB-T recordings are unaffected.

 Mythbuntu 10.10 with 0.24-fixes (daily) PPA

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