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Sun Feb 13 09:05:18 UTC 2011

#9579: 100% CPU on one core when paused
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    Component:  MythTV - Video Playback  |    Version:  0.24
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 Since 0.24-2 (upgraded from Fedora 12 to 14) pausing during playback
 causes one core of my 4-core CPU to go to 100% and stay there.  Resuming
 playback and it goes back down to normal (all cores <10%).

 Sounds a lot like ticket #6656, but for sure this isn't just caused by cpu
 speedstep or anything.

 It does this on every pause.  It never used to do this and I've been using
 Myth since 2005.

 I did also have to make 2 myth config changes when upgrading to Fedora 14:
 had to change the audio rate to bypass the white-noise-after-seek bug with
 pulseaudio, and had to change the playback video driver type (I think?) as
 I'm now using nouveau drivers instead of nvidia binaries.

 CPU is Core2 Quad on a modestly loaded workstation.

 I did an strace during the pause, will attach shortly.

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