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Wed Apr 27 00:08:56 UTC 2011

#9294: SSA/ASS Subtitle support
 Reporter:  Shawn King <shawnking@…>             |          Owner:  janne
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 Priority:  minor                                |  infoneeded
Component:  MythTV - Video Playback              |      Milestone:  unknown
 Severity:  medium                               |        Version:  Trunk
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Comment (by slackerlinux85@…):

 all of it

 * 1st patch allows the 3rd patch to access subtitle header code in ffmpeg
 * 2nd patch allows access to ffmpegs font attachments for libass to render
 * 3rd patch uses libass to render the SUBTITLE_ASS subtitle type and
 removes the code that ignores SSA subtitles last version in the mediafire
 link also includes libass in the mythtv source tree so no dependancy is

 the patches seem to work i have been running them ever since i made them
 and the only issue i can see atm is with the opengl renderer the subtitle
 location is placed on the black bar when they should be on the video. XV
 renderer is fine. should be a simple problem for someone more familiar
 with the code i couldn't find the right QRect to use(atm its using

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