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Tue Apr 26 16:22:31 UTC 2011

#9751: Binary package hint: mythtv-backend / Upnpmedia
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 Hi guys, I have a little issue with UpnpMedia. I am using myth since .21.
 I am now on the edge with 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110413.1cfcb2b-
 0ubuntu0mythbuntu1. Everything runs perfectly on the mythtv side running
 around 5 frontends, 1 master B/F and one backend only. My issue is with
 UpnpMedia. I have a Samsung tv which is dlna and I can access the videos
 from the Mythtv upnp. Untill recently, my upnpmedia would scan the videos
 regurlarly and update the video list properly. It stop updating about 2
 weeks ago for an unknown reason. The videos that were listed before are
 still there and readable from dlna. The videos I added recently do not
 appear in the list. However, they do show in mythweb/video and in the
 frontends. The permissions are set like all the other videos and there has
 been no change in the file structure at all. How can I fix that? I have no
 errors in the logs.
 It does show "2011-04-18 10:43:20.075 UPnpMedia: BuildMediaMap - no
 VideoStartupDir set, skipping scan." in the backend log.

 Ps: I am using StorageGroups.

 Mythbuntu 10.04

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