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#9344: Playback stuttering under 0.24 when playing h264 material with VDPAU
 Reporter:  enigma@…                   |          Owner:  markk
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 Priority:  minor                      |      Milestone:  0.24.1
Component:  MythTV - Video Playback    |        Version:  0.24-fixes
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Comment (by mo.ucina@…):

 Hello Guys ,

 My bug 9694 has been classified as the duplicate of this one . So I will
 attach to this case my observations , to keep all information in the same
 place .

 I have just upgraded to v0.24-231-gc2baf1b via ATRPMS package to find that
 on fc14 32bit and my Live Tv playback was really bad . The picture kept
 freezing or slowing in short intervals and audio was repeating over and
 over again . I did fall back to original version v0.24-199-g5367795 and
 everything was fine again . I tried to upgrade a few times with different
 methods and every time when on the newer software it would happen ,
 sometimes straight away , other time on the next channel change . At the
 moment I am on v0.24-199-g5367795 and all is well .

 I have upgraded my installation to rev v0.24-238-g2a9d9f5 . After
 upgrading I rebooted the pc , then using LiveTv? tuned into a channel .
 Almost immediately the problem started where video would slow down in
 bursts the speed back up to normal speed every 10 to 20 seconds , while
 during these slowdown periods audio would loop and last few words would be
 repeated a couple of times over , while audio is repeating video would go
 on and the two would go out of sync , then audio and video would re-sync
 and play back normally for another 10 to 20 seconds .

 My normal playback settings are using "VDPAU High Quality" profile . I
 changed the profile to "High Quality" which uses full software decoding
 only , and the problem went away and the playback is perfect . However my
 CPU loading increased dramatically . I tried to set the playback profile
 to "VDPAU Normal" , but as soon as I did this problem started immediately
 . So at the moment I still have rev 270 installed and running with no
 VDPAU , playback is perfect , but CPU is running hard .

 I am using Axel's latest Nvidia Drivers 260.19.44 with my GTX-450 card ,
 using the HDMI output for both audio and video .

 In my case staying on v0.24-199-g5367795 or there about works perfectly on
 VDPAU , any newer versions are bad . Any suggestions on how to proceed
 further greatly appreciated .

 Best Regards Milorad

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