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Sat Apr 16 23:12:02 UTC 2011

#8585: Qt:ISODate/mysql icompatibility
 Reporter:  eltorio@…             |          Owner:  mdean
     Type:  defect                |         Status:  closed
 Priority:  minor                 |      Milestone:  0.24.1
Component:  MythTV - General      |        Version:  Trunk Head
 Severity:  medium                |     Resolution:  fixed
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Comment (by Github):

 Don't use QDateTime::toString() for prepared queries.

 When using bindValue() to specify datetime values, do not use
 toString().  Instead, pass the QDateTime to bindValue() so that it can
 pass the value using the MySQL-C-API MYSQL_TIME type--so that database
 datetime string literal format isn't an issue.  Refs #8585.

 Thanks, again, to Rob Smith for finding another incorrect pattern to
 search for.
 (cherry picked from commit cd073b6e9b323958f785cab47884e605e4033885)
  Changeset: bfa882711578a1345e905961cffeb1e52cbe2e03

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