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Fri Apr 15 22:51:12 UTC 2011

      Author:  Robert McNamara <rmcnamara at mythtv.org>
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HTML Setup: Implement multichannel edit.


This implements a powerful means of modifying many channels at once without resorting to database editing.  In the HTML Setup channel editor, simply select 2-50 channels and right click->edit or click the edit button.

Then, follow the wizard to build a templated text string to replace the channel number, channel name, or callsign (I'll add other fields as they make sense, I need to re-engineer slightly to do group setting of visible/invisible, which I'll do this weekend).  No need to know the variables, they're all insertable with the dropdown.

So, say you wanted your channels to be numbered as multiplex-serviceid so that you could easily see what shared a multiplex... simply open up multichannel edit, switch the dropdown to "modify channel number" and use the variable dropdown to construct: %MplexId%-%ServiceId% and hit save.  Your channels are renumbered accoding to your desired pattern.

Or, say your broadcaster sends you many radion channels, all with the same callsign.  Open multichannel edit, tell it you want to modify the callsign, and build something like this: %CallSign% (%ChanId%) To get results like: RADIO (2001) so that the callsigns are now unique for scheduling purposes.

As ever, warnings about development code do apply, as this also gives you the means to create a lot of work for yourself if you don't pay close attention.



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