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Tue Apr 12 21:30:04 UTC 2011

#9726: Unicable / Satellite Channel Router / DIN EN 50494
     Reporter:  twoof7@…           |      Owner:  janne
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 The Patch is providing the Unicable (DIN EN 50494) support for MythTV.

 It is based on a kernel patch (http://www.mythtvtalk.com/unicable-scr-din-
 en-50494-a-14103/), which will not be integrated into the kernel. In
 addition I am using some bug fixing from a VDR patch (http://www.vdr-

 The .patch file will extend the DiSEqCDevLNB class (only), to implement
 the functional parts of the Unicable support.

 The necessary configuration of userband ID, userband frequency, satellite
 position and PIN can be done within the mythtv-setup's "LNB Configuration"
 with LNB Preset "Custom" and LNB Type "Unicable / SCR".  One open issue is
 the LNBSCRUserBandSetting inheriting from class SpinBoxSetting, which can
 not be disabled by its setEnabled(false).

 I know that the user interface for configuration is not yet perfect. But I
 first like to get your feedback whether the functional parts of this patch
 are acceptable, or whether it is better to add e.g. a new class
 DiSEqCDevSCR inheriting directly from class DiSEqCDevDevice (like
 DiSEqCDevSwitch, DiSEqCDevRotor and DiSEqCDevLNB).

 The .sql file will add some columns to database "mythconverg" table
 "diseqc_tree" to store the configuration parameters.

 The patch was tested with a Inverto IDLB-QUDL41-UNI2L-1PP

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