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Mon Apr 11 22:08:26 UTC 2011

#9722: HTTP streaming
     Reporter:  Jonatan <mythtv@…>          |      Owner:  janne
         Type:  Patch - Bug Fix             |     Status:  new
     Priority:  minor                       |  Milestone:  unknown
    Component:  MythTV - Video Playback     |    Version:  Trunk Head
     Severity:  medium                      |   Keywords:
Ticket locked:  0                           |
 I had some troubles getting HTTP streaming to work reliably and managed to
 up with a patch.  If it's not a good solution, maybe it will at least give
 devs a clue of what the problem might be.

 RTMP also works (except seeking) if configured with --enable-librtmp.

 * Changed url_read() to url_read_complete().  This got rid of logs from
 RingBuffer:Seek() complaining about reads returning less than requested.

 * Reopened the stream by calling url_close() followed by url_open() prior
 to calling av_open_input_stream().  This got rid of various decoding

 * Added call to url_seek() in StreamingRingBuffer::Seek() to support
 seeking in HTTP streams

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