[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8661: MythWeb shows duplicate power searchs in recording schedules

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Wed Sep 29 19:00:26 UTC 2010

#8661: MythWeb shows duplicate power searchs in recording schedules
 Reporter:  MarcT <myrdhn@…>          |           Owner:  kormoc    
     Type:  defect                    |          Status:  assigned  
 Priority:  minor                     |       Milestone:  0.24      
Component:  Plugin - MythWeb          |         Version:  Trunk Head
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Comment (by Bill Meek < keemllib@…>):

 This came back for me when I tweaked my Anything Presidential (Power
 Search) rule again.

 Using various var_dump($the_schedules...); lines, I was able to prove that
 the information in $the_schedules was correct, however when the page was
 rendered, I had 2 instances of 'Saturday Night Live' and none of

 In modules/tv/tmpl/default/schedules.php, I changed every instance of
 $schedule to $sched_elmt.

 This solved the duplicate/missing rows for me, however, I don't speak PHP
 so I'll let someone who does decide if this is a proper fix (and I only
 tested the default template.)

 Note that the initial query sorts by 'starttime ASC, title ASC', and that
 makes the 2 shows mentioned above the last 2 lines.  A 2nd sort is done in
 sorting.php and that is what shows on the page.  In my case 'SNL/#s' were
 then the 11th and 12th lines. Also, $schedule is used in
 modules/tv/schedules.php which ends with require_once

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