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#9030: Left-justify EIA-608 captions
     Reporter:  Jim Stichnoth <stichnot@…>          |       Owner:  janne     
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     Priority:  minor                               |   Milestone:  unknown   
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 This is related to #8954.  When the paint-on style of captions is used
 (characters are drawn one by one from left to right), and at least when
 using the FreeMono font, there is some "jitter" in the line being painted.
 The text shifts back and forth by a small number of pixels due to problems
 in text width calculation.  Setting the alignment to left-justified
 instead of centered fixes the problem.  The attached patch also makes sure
 there is still a black border to the left when the justification is

 It might be useful to apply the same change to EIA-708 captions if paint-
 on captions are used there, but maybe not for text captions.

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