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Tue Sep 28 03:22:57 UTC 2010

#9024: Segfault in Backend caused by something between trunk 26371 and 26542
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Comment (by MarcT <myrdhn@…>):

 2 Gentoo specific patches http://github.com/MarcT/mt-mythtv/blob/master
 /media-tv/mythtv/files/mythtv-0.22-sandbox.patch I brought this into my
 ebuild from the gentoo ebuild. And http://github.com/MarcT/mt-
 mythtv/blob/master/media-tv/mythtv/files/gentoo-myth-config-fix.diff I
 discovered this one http://github.com/MarcT/mt-
 The reason for this is that in Gentoo $incdir, $bindir, and $datadir all
 include $(prefix) in front of the actual location. Because $(prefix) is
 the same as $(INSTALL_ROOT) it was installing into places like
 tv/mythtv-9999/image//usr/include/mythtv and causing an install failure.

 Then there is this from the ebuild
         # upstream wants the revision number in their version.cpp
         # since the subversion.eclass strips out the .svn directory
         # svnversion in MythTV's build doesn't work
         sed -e "s:\`(svnversion \$\${SVNTREEDIR} 2>\/dev\/null) || echo
 Unknown\`:${MYTHTV_SVN_REVISION}:" \
                 -i "${S}"/version.pro || die "svnversion sed failed"

 Also, Gentoo should clean out all the old files as part of the ebuild
 install, but let me look into that. Currently still building debug, I
 hadnt had issues in such a long time that I had removed debug from my
 flags and have no debugging builds installed. My apologies.

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