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#8895: [PATCH i18n] Spanish translation
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Comment (by reynaldo):

 I'm committing these changes with corrections:

 Use of AR and CAR as Spanish rotation directions was replaced
 with the original,  already used, CW and CCW English terms,
 I haven't seen AR and AAR used anywhere else.

 Unified two other lines that used the full 'Rotate the image
 90 degrees to the right/left' phrase and replaced it by the
 already used CW/CCW term. I would even get rid of the 90°.. People
 is used to rotate in 90° intervals anyway. Will fix the English
 version too, if CW/CCW was already used then the full interface should
 try to respect that notation.

 Fixed a few  typos like izqiuerda -> izquierda

 Full-size is not 'tamaño real'(real size) but 'tamaño completo' (full
 size) both terms are not equivalent in digital imagery.

 Got rid of a few redundant articles like 'el', 'la'. Should spend
 some time reviewing their usage across the interface.

 Toggle -> Conmutar to Toggle -> 'Cambiar'. It's a lot more commonly
 used on Spanish interfaces.

 s/Configuracion/Ajustes as that translation was already used. Please
 try to review your translations to make them look like a text unit
 and not a random array of strings.

 Angulo/Ángulo. Acording to the RAE:

 El empleo de la mayúscula no exime de poner tilde cuando así lo exijan las
 reglas de acentuación (véase cap. IV). Ejemplos: Álvaro, SÁNCHEZ.

 This is a common mistake among Spanish translators.

 Please keep these comments in mind for future patches.

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