[mythtv-commits] Ticket #9021: Lyngsat channel icon search fails on nonalphabetic characters?

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#9021: Lyngsat channel icon search fails on nonalphabetic characters?
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 There may be something wrong with the channel icon search regarding either
 spaces or other nonalphabetic characters, such as parens.

 I did a "missing channel icons" scan using the lyngsat-logo.com search
 functionality.  The search returned *no* results for "Fox" (or "FOX"), and
 the logo in question (here: http://www.lyngsat-
 logo.com/tvcountry/us_12.html) was not returned when searching for either
 substring ("FO" or "OX").  However, it *was* returned when searching for
 "Fox us".

 Since at Lyngsat-logo the generic network logo is named "Fox (us)" it
 appears alphabetically first in ordered search results for "Fox".  It
 seems like the Myth search functionality is tripping up on either the
 space character or the left paren, and reporting no results.

 This is the only network in my lineup that has a parenthesis in the
 Lyngsat-logo icon name, and the only one that has the issue.  I did not
 discover it before because I was using local-station-callletter icons.

 This is on Mythbuntu 10.4; hope to test it again on 10.10 shortly.

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