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#7608: Slave backend disconnects
 Reporter:  bob@…             |           Owner:  cpinkham
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Comment (by bob@…):

 I am the original poster.  I had to replace the hard drive and reinstall
 everything on my slave backend so it took me some time to respond. In
 reinstalling everything I elected to go with trunk.  I'm still running
 into an issue when running my slave backend, however it appears different
 than before under .23.  I don't know if this is a separate issue or not.
 Let me know if you want me to put this into a new ticket.

 I'm running trunk 26464 on both the master and slave backends.  The master
 is called mythbox with IP and has an HDHomerun pointed to it
 and a two PVR-250s in it. The slave is called mythbasement at IP and is running the MYSQL server and has one PVR-150 in it.
 The storage groups are as follows:






 The first three are on the master backend and the last two on the slave
 backend. All are defined in the master backend only.

 Without the slave backend running the master backend will consider
 /var/tv/recordings and /var/tv2/recordings, say they don't exist and
 record on one of the other directories, however when the slave backend is
 connected it tries to record to /var/tv/recordings on the master and
 fails.  This only seems to occur with the recordings from the HDHomerun.
 The master and slave continue working and there are no mythsocket errors
 as I saw in .22 and .23 so this may be an entirely different error.

 I've attached the logs for the master and slave backends for one minute
 before the error and a short while afterwards.  The actual error appears
 to be at 09:58:42.635.  Let me know if you need anything else or want me
 to open a new ticket.

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