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#8533: Transcoding does not use filter
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Comment (by cpinkham):

 Setting and using are 2 different things.  The above lines of code setup
 the filters in the old NuppelVideoPlayer, but those filters have to be
 used in NVP somewhere and that's the code that doesn't seem to have been
 hooked up previously.  There are questions/complaints on the mailing list
 dating back to at least 2007 about filters not being applied during
 transcoding.  I think it was a feature that was never fully hooked up.
 And the people that thought it was working for deinterlacing were actually
 benefitting from deinterlacing during decoding of the interlaced
 transcoded material.



 videoOutput->ProcessFrame(buffer, osd, videoFilters, pip_players, ps);

 But neither of those appear to be used anywhere related to
 NuppelVideoPlayer::TranscodeGetNextFrame() which is what mythtranscode
 uses to get video frames from NVP.

 Again, if you can show me the code, I'm happy to fix, either my
 replicating the original code or by applying my patch.  My patch does seem
 to work although I believe there are a couple other open tickets being
 worked on relating to MPEG4 transcoding, and applying the filters seems to
 tickle one or both of those so it's hard to verify.  I'm attaching my
 patch if you want to use/test it.

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