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#8973: Perl bindings may be installed to directory not in @INC
     Reporter:  mdean            |       Owner:  beirdo    
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 Since [25450], the MythTV Perl bindings are always installed into the
 MythTV install prefix, even on systems where that location is not a part
 of the Perl @INC (see, for example, http://www.gossamer-
 threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/452749#452749 ).  Forcing the MythTV prefix
 to be passed to the Perl bindings prevents users on such systems from
 modifying the install location.

 If, instead, we remove the PREFIX from the Makefile and use the --perl-
 config-opts argument added by [25450] to /allow/ users to configure the
 Perl bindings install location, any user could ensure they go wherever is
 appropriate, but Perl would, by default, do something reasonable.  For
 example, using something like:

  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --perl-config-opts="PREFIX=/usr/local"

 would allow a user to install MythTV and the Perl bindings into the
 /usr/local hierarchy (or, similar for an install into HOME directories or
 other directories), even if the system Perl would have chosen to install
 the Perl bindings into /usr, instead.  This way, we would trust Perl to do
 the right thing by default, but allow users to override Perl's
 configuration, when appropriate.

 Attached patch allows use of --perl-config-opts for specifying Perl
 bindings install prefix, as above.

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