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Sat Sep 18 14:53:34 UTC 2010

#8954: Edge letters of subtitles are vertically clipped
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Comment (by Jim Stichnoth <stichnot@…>):

 In case this helps, I observe the same left/right clipping with EIA-608
 captions, FreeMono font included with MythTV, Qt 4.5.3, and primarily with
 all-uppercase captions.  It may be more apparent when using the black
 background for captions.  Interestingly, displaying at 1366x768 resolution
 shows the clipping but 1280x720 does not.

 I couldn't find any obvious problems in the code, so I hacked a workaround
 by adding 12 to the width computation in
 SubtitleScreen::DisplayCC608Subtitles() and
 SubtitleScreen::DisplayRawTextSubtitles().  This may not be entirely bad
 since TVs and STBs seem to widen the black background rectangle beyond the
 text boundary.

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