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#8792: DVD playback issues with 5.1 AC3 sound
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 Was re-reading that ticket.
 You wrote:
 "Since updating mythtv from r25578 to r25612, playback of DVDs with 5.1
 AC3 sound no longer works."

 I have looked at all changesets between r25578 and r25612 ; and I can find
 no changes related to audio nor general playback for that matter.

 I am reopening this ticket, if you could go back to r25578 and recompile
 to find which changeset broke it for you it would be helpful.
 But at this stage, I'm thinking of more a local issue at your end than in

 You have a dodgy audio card to start with which has always been
 troublesome (like can't play other than 48kHz content)

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