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#8864: Trunk unable to playback MPEG4 files created by mythtranscode
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Comment (by nate <svndotmythtvdotorg1@…>):

 Hi Kenni,

 I can confirm that the corrupted recordings do not play in mplayer, and
 the corruption issue appears to be specific to transcoding the same
 recording using 'Low Quality / MPEG4' twice.  I enabled the 'save original
 recording when transcoding option' and manually scheduled a new, good
 recording tonight for transcode to MPEG4.  The first transcode worked
 correctly.  I then scheduled the same recording for transcoding to MPEG4
 once again.  After the second transcoding, the resulting recording is
 corrupted and there is explicit evidence for data loss judging by the
 output filesize.  So we can update the description to express that this is
 specific to transcoding twice.

 But you are correct, in that these two issues might be related.  If the
 MPEG4 decoding routines are common for both playback and transcoding, then
 it makes sense that if playback is affected then transcoding will be
 incorrect as well.

 This might sound strange that one would transcode the same recording
 twice.. This situation arose because I currently have to manually schedule
 transcoding and I sometimes mistakenly do a recording twice in error.
 When I have previously done this by accident, the resulting transcode was
 fine (however the filesize obviously didn't change).

 Thanks for your help.

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