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#8849: recording description inaccurate when scheduling recording to start early
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Comment (by nate <svndotmythtvdotorg1@…>):

 Hmm. I see.  So the EIT scanner is incorrectly updating/overriding the
 schedules when a program is set to record early.  This is in reference to
 the 'Perform EIT scan' check box when setting up a source feed.

 According to the description for the 'Perform EIT scan': "If enabled,
 program guide data on this source will be updated with data provided by
 the channels themselves, Over-the-air".  This description sounds like the
 two are allowed to work in consort, with more timely schedules from EIT
 data overriding schedules with (presumably) more accurate information.

 It sounds like the EIT update may be faulty from your description, and the
 scan is incorrectly updating the listings when programs are scheduled to
 start early.

 So I must ask, is this perhaps a bug with how the EIT update is updating
 schedules when a program is scheduled to record early?  If so, could the
 EIT update procedure be changed to correctly handle this situation?  Or is
 EIT update working in consort with a regular feed completely
 unsupported/faulty, now and in the future?  If the latter is correct,
 perhaps the 'EIT Scan' description could be changed to express this?

 Thank you for all your help.  I will uncheck the 'Preform EIT scan' option
 for this source and see if the problem resolves.

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