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#8919: disecq does not work with the vp-1041  dvb-s2 card under kernel
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 My mythtv set up is composed one dvb-s card ( vp-1020a ) and another
 dvb-s2 card (vp-1041) both from twinhan.


 Unfortunately only the first one ( vp-1020a) works correctly. The second
 one (vp-1041) only works correctly with hotbird 13E on disecq id 0, but
 for some unclear reasons mythtv refuses to work with Astra 19,2E on disecq
 id 1. So I am concluding that mythtv disecq does not work with my specific
 vp-1041 dvb-s2 pci cards although it works very well with my vp-1020a
 dvb-s pci card ( strange ).

 I am running mythtv trunk with kernel under ubuntu lucid lynx.
 The v4l-dvb drivers that I  use for vp-1041 dvb-s2 card are merged in the
 kernel since, so I did not had to compile extra v4l-dvb or
 s2-liplianin module to use my vp⁻1041 dvb-s2 card ( everything is included
 in the kernel !).

 I tried my set up with kaffeine-pre3 and hts-tvheadend instead of mythtv
 and everything works ok with both cards on both Astra 192E and Hotbird
 13E. This prroves that it is definitely an mythtv issue and not a
 hardware, software of configuration one.

 This problem can affect potentially the following dvb-s2 card :

 Azurewave AD SP400 CI: 1822:4e35 / Subsystem: 1822:0031

 Skystar HD2 (a): 1822:4e35 / Subsystem: 1ae4:0001

 Skystar HD2 (b): 1822:4e35 / Subsystem: 1ae4:0003

 TerraTec Cinergy S2 PCI HD CI: 1822:4e35 / Subsystem: 153b:1179

 Let me what what evidence I could provide you to help solve this problem.

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