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Fri Sep 10 18:54:29 UTC 2010

#8650: Problems with MythWelcome screen, Version MythTV .24
 Reporter:  garduman@…           |           Owner:  paulh      
     Type:  defect               |          Status:  assigned   
 Priority:  minor                |       Milestone:  unknown    
Component:  MythTV - General     |         Version:  Unspecified
 Severity:  medium               |      Resolution:             
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Comment (by bodhileok@…):

 I am seeing (1) and (2) above, though restarting mythwelcome does not
 solve (2) for me, as it seems to for garduman. Also, I don't use "prompt
 on exit", so for me (1) just means mythfrontend restarts when I exit it. A
 couple of extra data points:

 I've been able to determine that (1) (which happens very frequently for
 me, whenever I've been using mythfrontend for a while, though I haven't
 found an exact formula to reproduce it) is associated with a call to
 WelcomeDialog::startFrontendClick(), even though I haven't clicked

 (2) happens about once a week for me. Attached is a combined
 mythwelcome/mythfrontend log from one of these times. There are many
 "Launching: /usr/local/bin/mythshutdown --lock"
 statements. Since mythshutdown increments MythShutdownLock by 1 for each
 of these, this results in a large value of MythShutdownLock, so equally as
 many "unlock shutdown" actions (which decrement by 1) via the popup menu
 would be required to unlock, giving the appearance that unlocking is
 broken. Unclear to me what is causing these multiple consecutive locks.

 I am using Kubuntu 10.04 32-bit.

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