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Fri Sep 10 17:02:35 UTC 2010

#8907: HD-PVR Live TV non functional
     Reporter:  robertm           |       Owner:  jpoet      
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     Priority:  major             |   Milestone:  0.24       
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 Breakage seems to coincide with the Signal Monitor changes.  Used to at
 least tune the initial channel, even if subsequent channel changes didn't
 always work.  Now even the initial tune fails to comlpete.  Get a black
 screen with the OSD, and it just hangs there, ultimately failing out to
 the menu if you can't switch inputs within the first couple of seconds of
 starting Live TV (which I'm often not fast enough to do).  From watching
 the backend and the physical behavior of the HD-PVR, it appears that the
 tuning itself succeeds, but something is getting confused between there
 and the remote FE.  File seems to be created and (IIRC) even grow in size,
 but the FE is not getting a picture (and will actually hang entirely in an
 infinite loop about trying to buffer video if you can't switch inputs fast

 Channel changer is not backgrounded, just plain channel changing via
 firewire with 6200ch.  Logs to follow.

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