[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8872: Unable to access MythWeb when streaming UPNP

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Fri Sep 10 03:58:38 UTC 2010

#8872: Unable to access MythWeb when streaming UPNP
 Reporter:  ccarter0@…              |           Owner:  beirdo     
     Type:  defect                  |          Status:  closed     
 Priority:  trivial                 |       Milestone:  0.24       
Component:  MythTV - UPnP           |         Version:  Unspecified
 Severity:  low                     |      Resolution:  fixed      
 Keywords:                          |   Ticket locked:  0          

Comment (by dan@…):

 Guess its not the routers fault regarding two upnp streams at once.  After
 all,  I can stream two at once if each stream originates from a different
 server.   One upnp can come from my old mythtv .21 server to one client,
 and one from my mythbuntu .23.1 to a different client.   But seems no
 mythtv backend can stream more that one upnp at a time, though there seems
 to be enough bandwidth to accomplish it.

 While streaming,  mythweb will show recorded programs, but not backend
 status.   Backend status resumes when the stream is fully stopped, not
 just paused.

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