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Fri Sep 10 03:45:50 UTC 2010

#8902: Segfault on Input Connections page
 Reporter:  Nick Morrott <knowledgejunkie <at> gmail <dot> com>  |           Owner:  danielk       
     Type:  defect                                               |          Status:  infoneeded_new
 Priority:  minor                                                |       Milestone:  unknown       
Component:  MythTV - Mythtv-setup                                |         Version:  Trunk Head    
 Severity:  medium                                               |      Resolution:                
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Comment (by Nick Morrott <knowledgejunkie <at> gmail <dot> com>):

 Testing was carried out (on Fedora 11, unlike the Ubuntu ticket #5333)
 both immediately after

 i) Delete all capture cards
 ii) Delete all video sources

 and after restarting mythtv-setup with no capture cards/video sources
 defined. Open the Input Connections dialog and press enter.

 It would appear that the test for defined cards (and/or videosources)
 either doesn't exist or is not thorough enough in either situation - I
 don't know the code to say.

 I am aware of the upcoming mythtv-setup rewrite, but this won't make it
 into 0.24. From the POV of a long-time user considering a new end-user's
 experience[*], it shouldn't be possible to crash mythtv-setup so easily
 even if "It sounds like you are doing something that should only be done
 if there are tuners defined".

 It's not for me to say whether this is worth fixing, or how long it's been
 there. My primary motivation is to improve this and future releases. At
 least the list of XMLTV grabbers is populated in a couple of seconds now
 when using XMLTV 0.5.58...

 [*] one of the reasons for the flurry of tickets some weeks ago

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