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#8889: [Trunk] Runaway mythcommflag can't be stopped
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 If you can dig up in the logs the exit codes of the mythcommflag run when
 you kill it, and provide that, it would be helpful.  I see you are already
 trying with the speed-ups disabled, which is a good step.

 If you really want to delete the recording, one thing that has worked for
 me is to start playing it back, and hit delete during playback.  However,
 it would be good to track down the core of the issue.

 If a commflag process is killed, the intent is to set the job to errored,
 and then it should not rerun it.

 The lines in particular I would like to see from the backend log are like
 (should be only one of them for the PID of the commflag run):
 PID xxxxx: exited
 PID xxxxx: signal
 PID xxxxx: other

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