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Tue Sep 7 21:53:09 UTC 2010

#8518: Stuttering/Choppiness in MythMusic
 Reporter:  Ken Emerson <kenneth.emerson@…>          |           Owner:  jyavenard 
     Type:  defect                                   |          Status:  assigned  
 Priority:  minor                                    |       Milestone:  unknown   
Component:  Plugin - MythMusic                       |         Version:  Trunk Head
 Severity:  medium                                   |      Resolution:            
 Keywords:                                           |   Ticket locked:  0         

Comment (by anonymous):

 I realize that this is difficult to diagnose without the specific
 hardware/software combination.  If it helps, I am using an external SB
 Live USB sound card. The sound on the motherboard was cooked during a
 lightning strike.  So I don't know if this is a problem with the SB Live
 or not.

 I would be happy to try to troubleshoot this, but I need some direction on
 how to proceed.  I am a C programmer by profession (a bit less experienced
 with C++)  but could apply some diagnostic output if I knew what and

 -- Ken

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