[mythtv-commits] Ticket #8873: Seeking regression in MPEG-TS following Ringbuffer optimizations

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#8873: Seeking regression in MPEG-TS following Ringbuffer optimizations
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 Seeking in some MPEG-TS files without a seektable has also become broken
 following the Ringbuffer optimizations.  This minority of TS files (some
 Blu-ray files, some recordings, all without seektable) display a duration
 of one second, and any attempt to seek either restarts the file or does
 nothing whatsoever.

 Original optimization to make seektable-less MPEG-TS work was committed


 and appears to have been broken in:


 Since it is only a small minority of TS files that display this issue, it
 may be difficult to test, but I can try to create a sample if the issue
 isn't obvious.

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