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#8661: MythWeb shows duplicate power searchs in recording schedules
 Reporter:  MarcT <myrdhn@…>          |           Owner:  kormoc    
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Comment (by Bill Meek <keemllib@…>):

 In short, I don't believe this is limited to Custom rules.

 My system has 6 Custom rules, 1 had not been displaying and 1 was
 duplicated.  After removing white space at the end of the query for the
 duplicated CSI rule, it was no longer duplicated, but, now my Law & Order
 rule was.  Made the same change to the L&O query and it was no longer
 duplicated.  I did re-add the white space to see if the rule would
 duplicate again, but it didn't.

 However, now a non Custom rule for This Old House rule was duplicated (my
 Anything Presidential Custom rule was still hidden.)

 I had to delete the This Old House rule and re-enter it to stop its
 duplication.  The duplication 'moved' to yet another rule, which I did the
 delete/re-enter on. Repeated this for most of my 24 rules and finally the
 duplications stopped AND my missing Anything Presidential rule reappeared.

 The status of all tables is OK and an Extended Check showed no errors.

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