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Thu Oct 28 12:17:04 UTC 2010

#9157: HD cut list editing devours memory
 Reporter:  stephen.kuntz@…          |            Type:  defect          
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Milestone:  unknown                  |       Component:  MythTV - General
  Version:  Unspecified              |        Severity:  medium          
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 When editing an HD cut list the memory that is consumed is not release
 when show exiting back to the menu. If editing multiple shows all memory
 is consumed and swapping starts to happen to the point where mythfrontend
 reports it has insufficient resources. Memory is only released after
 exiting mythfrontend.

 I have 6G of memory and can edit ~4 1/2 hour shows (approx 4.8G each)
 before my system crawls and I need to restart mythfrontend.

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